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We deliver exceptional insights


Specialized expertise in all therapeutic healthcare categories with all target audiences.

With Robin Cooper's 25 years experience, Insights & Outlooks delivers deeper insights and more complete results.

We integrate your business and marketing needs with our own, providing exceptional service and meaningful results with a global outlook. 

We donate a percentage of each project to the Oley Foundation, a cause near and dear to my heart supporting people who require life-sustaining and life-saving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) which is administered by intravenous to them at home.

“Having the responsibility of leading the  launch of over a dozen global brands for Top 500 pharmaceutical companies, I depend on market research to discover and validate our go-to-market communication strategies. I can count on Robin to find our hard to reach target audiences around the world, and to uncover meaningful marketing opportunities.  Absolutely amazing partner that delivers personalized service!”

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Unsurpassed senior skilled moderation of all qualitative techniques.