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Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper, founder of Insights & Outlooks, brings more than 25 years of experience in providing exceptional market research and consulting work to the global healthcare sector.

Robin has built a stellar reputation in life sciences and consumer research, and is known for being one of North America's leading professional qualitative researchers. Her ability to work with all key audiences; from consumers to caregivers, educators to executives enables her to provide truly unique insights for her clients.

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Robin combines her creativity and hands-on experience in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including on-line/internet data collection techniques, ethnographic, quali-quant, and observational research, store walk-n-shops/walk-abouts, and idea-generation workshops to delve deeper and provide meaningful results.

Coming from a medical family, she has a keen understanding of healthcare professionals, their language and culture as well as consumers and their health needs, and how they relate to healthcare and their emotional well-being.
Robin was a Senior Vice President at Camelford Graham, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at IFOP Canada Market Research, and a founding partner of Cooper and Henshaw, before founding Robin Cooper Research Group in Canada, which continues to operate in Canada, and Insights & Outlooks in the USA.